The Ultimate Fitness Challenge

This program is for you, ladies! For those that are ready to dive right in and start working on their fitness. 

Most members start with the 6 or 8 week challenge to accelerate progress, speed up their learning curve, and then progress into one of our Functional Fitness group classes.

We are all about progress and take every step possible to keep you connected and on track to achieving your goals. You will have a team of professionals that guide and teach you everything you need to know to get the results you never thought you could get. We only accept 15 new members per challenge per class to ensure quality of coaching, so please email to begin your journey. Your new self awaits you.

Meet your coach Taylor Hansen


When you are truly ready for change. All you need is a light to guide you...


Our head coach of the New Body Challenge, Taylor Hansen, is the lighthouse of the New body Challenge along with Matt Van Dyke (Aether Owner). The two of them have continued to build the vision of developing and branding a program based on their own experiences as competitive Cross-fitters, Olympic lifters, and NPC phsique competitors. They've not only developed program, but used its pillars for their own purposes, to perfect it, for you to have the best experience possible.

What's included: 

  • TWO class times available 
    • 6:30am & 6:30pm M, T, W, TH, F
  • Progress pictures before and after
    • Set up an appointment with your coach to go over your goals so your coach can effectively write a meal plan for you
    • If you don't want to identify yourself in pictures, no problem! 
  • Nutrition and program seminar
    • Orient yourself to the gym, discuss the process of getting started, learn about your custom nutrition plan
    • Nutrition seminars will teach you EXACTLY what to do to shed body fat and build beautiful muscle
    • This generally takes place the weekend before we launch the program.
  • Access to a custom built 7 day meal plan through Evolution Nutrition that fits your goals
  • Weekly weigh ins and accountability with your coach along the process
    • As uncomfortable as they are, we expect every participant to weigh in every Thursday or Friday
  • Safe and effective programming that is designed to achieve overall fitness and weight loss
    • Less olympic lifts and strength programming so you spend less time learning technique and more time burning calories and getting results
  • Private Facebook group for constant communication
    • We use social media to keep you accountable and to build community with other challengers
    • Tune in with us via live chats on Facebook and videos uploaded to your private groups 


Email or call 801-541-9430 to get started!


Mens Aether Built Challenge

There comes a time when hard work and dedication is your only option...

This ones for you guys. Coach Matty the mastermind behind the successful programming and nutrition design for all things Aether is finally launching his Aether Built Men's Challenge. This challenge is designed to have you leaning out, building strength and increasing overall fitness IMMEDIATELY. He has practiced and proven this system over and over so you can bet that we will do the same with you. Its been his joy over the last few years to help coach and assist a multitude Crossfit regional athletes, Utah State record holders in Olympic weightlifting, and many Nationally qualified physique athletes. In fact the programs he has created and his ability to influence change was so powerful they had to start a new business "NuBoD" that now has homes in 6 locations throughout Utah. Just imagine getting to have this guy program, design your meal plan and guide you through one bad ass challenge. This is seriously some life changing stuff!

Whats included:

- We Bring in a dexa scan unit as an option for you to test your current body fat and overall health markers. It also gives us an accurate depiction of where your caloric need should be so we can get your carbs, proteins and fats on point. This is an additional option and is not required.

- We host a nutrition seminar where we can teach you about science based nutrition. It sounds kinda nerdy and complicated but in fact is very simple and will forever change the way you view food, for the better. *This information is what really helps us, help you and is a requirement to participate in our challenges. 

- 7 Day comprehensive meal plan. This is what sets us apart, this is our jam. You will love it. Nobody can duplicate what we do because nobody has the relationship with food that we do. Our meal plans are the best thing since sliced bread... although that is also on the plan.

- Private Facebook group where your coaches can guide you through your challenge and answer all the questions you might have. You will have full access to my brain for the entire challenge. That's a lot of info to soak up in 6 weeks!

- Weekly weigh ins where we track and log your results for you so you can stay focused on your goals. This also gives us a chance to fix anything if needed as we keep an eye out for you. 

- Finally we offer a full unlimited pass to the gym and even throw in a dedicated coach to you on Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 5:30 p.m. so you can receive extra time and attention. We aren't babying you, we are teaching you as much as we can to accelerate your progress. We said we had a seamless program right?

If getting into great shape and overall health has been somewhat difficult, stressful, boring, and flat out unsuccessful then this is for you. You have heard about the endless people that have fallen in love with CrossFit and the community so why not give it a shot in a nicely wrapped, seamless program? We promise the only thing you have to lose is a few pounds and you can gain a world of confidence, muscles, strength, fitness, friends and so much more. Enough with the Tony Robbins motivational speech. We can only taking on 15 dudes per wave so if you're ready to sign up click link below. Once you are done we will contact you to get information for meal plans, Dexa Body and nutrition seminar.

* We also ask that you give us permission to use images for testimonials.


Transformations. Real Results, now.

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