6 Week New Body Challenge

This program is for you, ladies! For those that are ready to dive right in and start working on their fitness. 

Most members start with the 6 week challenge to accelerate progress, speed up their learning curve, and then progress into one of our Functional Fitness group classes. However, you are welcome to stay with this program if that's where you are comfortable.

We are all about progress and take every step possible to keep you connected and on track to achieving your goals. You will have a team of professionals that guide and teach you everything you need to know to get the results you never thought you could get. We only accept 15 new members per challenge to ensure quality of coaching, so please fill out form and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. Your new self awaits you.

Meet your coach, Megan Forrest

What's included: 

  • Progress pictures before and after
    • Set up an appointment with your coach to go over your goals so your coach can effectively write a meal plan for you.
    • If you don't want to identify yourself in pictures, no problem! 
  • Nutrition and program seminar
    • Orient yourself to the gym, discuss the process of getting started, learn about your custom nutrition plan.
  • Custom 7 day flexible meal plan that fits your goals
    • Get exclusive access to Evolution Nutrition, a massive online food database used nation wide for personal trainers
  • Weekly weigh ins and accountability with your coach along the process
    • As uncomfortable as they are, we expect every participant to weigh in every Thursday or Friday
  • Safe and effective programming that is designed to achieve overall fitness and weight loss
    • Less olympic lifts and strength programming so you spend less time learning technique and more time burning calories and getting results
  • Private Facebook group for constant communication
    • We use social media to keep you accountable and to build community 
  • Bi-weekly nutrition seminars that will teach you EXACTLY what to do to shed body fat and build beautiful muscle
    • Tune in with us via live chats on Facebook!

Call us for pricing.