Tuesday 8-14-18

Spend 10 Minutes going through the following snatch complex with a bar or training bar. 1 Halting Snatch Deadlift, 1 Snatch Pull, 1 power Snatch + 1 full Snatch x 2. The Goal is to break up the movement, make corrections and get a better feel for how the bar and body work together.

“Damaged Cells”

The workout will go in heats of 3 athletes. Follow the leader style every 90 seconds till you have completed 3 rounds

Station 1-  30,20 calories on the assault bike

Station 2- 30,20 calories on the rower

Station 3-  30 Box Jumps 24,20

Station 4- 40 Dumbbell hang power Snatch 50,35

Station 5- 30 Wall Balls 20,14

Station 6- 3 Rope Climbs

Station 7- Rest 3 minutes and then start over.

If you get caught by the person behind you it is a 30 Double under penalty and you must jump back in as soon as you are done.