Thursday 6-22-17


1. Bench Press- 5x5@70% 1rm.


Min 1 : 20 GHD Sit ups or Ab Mat Sit ups

Min 2: 20 GHD Back Extensions  

Min 3: 12 Dips

Min 4: 12 Push ups with toes on a box 24,20

Details- 4x12 single leg calf raise. Slow and controlled. 

Aether Raw Strength and Gains💣💣💣 

A1) Build Up to a 3rm Hang Snatch + 1 Over Head Squat.

B1) Wide Grip Romanian Deadlift- 3x10

C1) Kang Squat- 2x15

D1) Single Leg bridge- 4x10

D2) Jumping Lunges- 2x20