Tuesday 6-13-17

CrossFit Aether 


Clean and jerk: 

 2@70%x2, 2@75%x2, 1@80%, 3@85%, 

 Met Cons:

1.  Run Benchmark
1 Mile Time Trial

 2. Barbell Benchmark

30 Snatches for time (185/135)

 3. Gymnastics Benchmark

Max Reps Unbroken Strict HSPU

Aether Barbell Raw Strength and Gains.

1) Power Clean- 7x2. Build to a soft max for the day. Clean and sharp. 

Clean Pulls- 4x3@ 100% of today's above max. 

2) Front Squat- 4x10

3) Bulgarian Single Leg Squats-   4x12

4) Barbell Bridge- 4x8

5) 21-15-9

Barbell Squat Jumps 95,65

Toes to Bar