Wednesday 5-31-17

CrossFit Aether

Warm up

High knee skip, down and back

Lateral Squat, down and back(get low)

Speed Skater down and back

10 Bend and Reach each side

10 Bird dogs each side

10 KB Windmill each side

2x :30 plank... focus on belly up and butt on

Met Con 

15-12-9 reps for time of:
Double body-weight deadlifts
10 inch worm push up 

Rest 3 minutes

4 Rounds 

15 Hollow Rocks

:30 Handstand Hold or Push up Plank


Aether Barbell Raw Strength and Gains

Snatch Complex

1) 6x1 Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + 3 OHS. Build up to a soft max for the day.

2) Push Press- 4x10

3) Snatch Grip RDL- 4x8

4) Bar Dips- 4x10

5) Back extension on GHD(weight if possible)- 4x12

6a) Barbell Skull crushers- 4x10

6b) Face Pulls(no rotation)- 4x10