Saturday 5-25-18

Teams of 3

Station 1 Collect 120 calories on bike. 

Station 2 Collect 120 calories on the Rower. 

Station 3 Collect 120 KB Hang Snatch 55,35

Station 4 Collect 120 Burpees.

Station 5 Collect 240 Double Unders. 

*Reps must be split into 20s. Stations must be started on the minute. If you finish just before the minute you can switch. If you finish just after or mid minute you must wait till the following minute to switch. 


1) Build up to a heavy double Power Clean + Push Jerk.  Drop sets 2@-10 And 2@-15%.

2) Pulls-4x2@100%1rm. 

3) Push Press 3x3@85%.