Wednesday 5-10-17

CrossFit Aether 

Warm Up

Jog down and back 2 times

Side shuffle down and back

High knee skip down and back

Back pedal down and back

30 Mountain climbers

20 Toe taps each leg

20 Jumping jacks

:60 Calf Stretch off plate

:60 Standing Quad stretch  

:60 Seated glute stretch  

:60 Run in place


5k run. 

Aether Barbell Raw Strength and Gains

1) Power Snatch- 6x3. Find a 3rm for the day.

2) B.T.N. Snatch Grip Push Press- 4x10. 

3) Snatch Pulls- 6x5@70%1rm.

4a) Rear Delt Flys- 4x10

4b) Russian Twists- 4x20

5) Dumbbell Skull Crushers- 4x10

6) Ring Push Ups- tempo 3,1,x,1