Tuesday 4/4/17

Day 2:


1)   Strength


Take 20 minutes to find 1 RM split jerk (block or racks)


2) Met-Con


EMOM for 20 minutes


Minute 1: 10/8 Strict pull-ups


Minute 2: 15 Burpees


Minute 3: 10 TTB


Minute 4: 8 Thrusters 135/95


5 minutes cool-down on bike, run or row.  SLOW pace. Bring that heart rate back down


Aether Barbell Oly Cycle

1) Build up to a Heavy Snatch for the day with pause at knee. Start with muscle, then power and finish building into a full snatch. Dropsets 3x1@85% today's max.

2) Power Clean + Jerk- 5x1@85% of 1 rm full clean.

3) Back Squat- 4x2@86% 1rm. 2 minutes between sets. Work on depth, speed and form.

4) Bulgarian Split Squat- 3x15 each leg.

5) Ab Straps- 4x8. Slow and controlled.