Monday 3-3-17

CrossFit Aether

Day 1:

1)  Strength:

Take 20 minutes to find 1 RM Deadlift



Deadlift 115/75

Hang power clean 115/75

STO 115/75


5 minutes cool-down on bike, run or row.  SLOW pace. 

Aether Built Oly Cycle

1) Snatch- Build up to a heavy doube. Dropsets are singles 4x1@80% current 1rm.

2) Build up to a heavy clean and jerk for the day. No more than 2 misses. Dropsets are 4x1@80% current 1rm. 

3) Back Squat- Build up to a heavy triple. 1 dropset 3@90% and 1 dropset 3@85% today's heavy triple.

4) Snatch Pulls- 52@95% current 1rm. Trace uo the belly. Focus on getting straight and tall.

5) Ab wheel- 4x8