Tuesday 4-25-17

Warm up

The Pizza Game- The Ab Mat or “pizza” has to be held overhead similar to a tray and cannot be gripped in any way. Once the game begins, everyone runs around and tries to knock over everyone else’s pizza. A dropped pizza means you have to do 2 burpees and 5 jumping jacks to get back in. 4 minute cap.

Red light... green light. 

You know the rules. Line up and play red light green light until 4 floors have been covered (ran). 

1)  Strength

Power Snatch

1x3 @ 60%, 1x3 @ 65%, 3x5 @ 75%

Power Clean

1x3 @ 60%, 1x3 @ 65%, 3x5 @ 75%

Power Jerks 3x5 @ 65% (% off of your split jerk)

2) Met-Con

Partner WOD – 1 person works at a time (any rep sequence but try to break up evenly)

100 WB 30/20

50 CTB

100 HSPU

50 Pull ups

100 MB pass sit ups (interlock legs – pass off ball in the middle) 20#

Aether Barbell Raw Strength Program

1) Front Squat- 4x5@78%. Tempo at 3,1,x,1.

2) Strict Over Head Press- 4x5@78% tempo 3,1,x,1.

3) Back Rack Walking Lunges- 4x10 total steps. Moderate load.

4) Bar Dips- 6x8 tempo 3,1,x,1. 

5) Weighted GHD hollow holds- 4x:20.