Tuesday 3/14/17

CrossFit Aether

1)   Strength * don’t drop from the top – control the decent


Use as many warm up sets as needed to get to your 85% - 5 working sets of 3

5 X 3 @85% - drop from the top and reset if needed

2) Met-Con

3 rounds for time

15 T2B

12 Box jumps 24/20

9 OHS 135/95

CASH OUT 50 GHD sit-ups + 50 ft HSW

3)  Gymnastics

 *super set A1 and A2

A1) 4x10 Strict Pull-ups (if unable to do unassisted, use the lightest band possible to complete all reps without dropping off the bar) **start in hang and end with chin over the bar – do not arch, reach your chin over the bar, or break from the hollow body position throughout the movement**

A2) 4x8-10 Ring Dips **start in support hold (top of the dip – with wrists, elbows, and shoulders stacked) – descend into dip as deep as ROM allows.  Ideally, we want to get our front delt touching the ring.  Your first MU is going to be the deepest dip that you have ever done, when you are lucky enough to catch it, so going shallow on this movement WILL NOT HELP you.

Aether Barbell Oly Cycle

1) Power Snatch- Build up to a sharp double around 80-85%. 3 minutes between sets.

2) Snatch Pulls- 7x1@105-108% 1rm. 2 minutes between sets.

3) Rdls- 3x6 moderate load with good form.

4) Barbell Bridge- 3x6 moderate load with pause at top for 2 seconds.

5) Box Jump- Build up to a max for the day from a seated position into jump.