Thursday 2/9/16

Crossfit Aether

1) Skill: Spend 5-10 minutes doing TTB progressions.  Only move on to the next drill if last movement is perfect.


6 min OTM Max rep Unbroken TTB.  Try to keep these consistent.  Don’t totally blow it out in the first set.

If you have less than 6-8 unbroken, accumulate 10 total, within each minute.  Push yourselves on Unbroken.

2) Metcon

AMRAP 20 min (gauge your own rest time between movements, everyone will be different.  Scored by total reps)

20 Pistols

Rest :30

20 Pullups

Rest :30

10 Squat snatches 155/105 or at least 75% of 1 RM

Rest 2:00

5 minutes cool-down on bike, run or row.  SLOW pace. Bring that heart rate back down

Aether Barbell Oly Cycle

1) Build up to a 1rm Snatch. No more than 3 misses.

2) Front Squat- 2x3@80%, 3x2@85%, 1x10@50%. Pause in bottom for a brief second.

3) Snatch Pulls- 5x3@80% 1rm snatch. 

4) Pull Ups with 3 second pause at top- 5x5.