Monday 2/27/17

Crossfit Aether

1)  Strength:


*We are STILL building on our 20 rep FS and BS…I want you guys to understand that you should be going for broke, you shouldn’t have much left in the tank after your set of 20.  Make sure that you are BREATHING at the top of each rep, do not rush through the first few.  Pause at the top and make sure you are controlling your breathing all the way through.


Front Squats

1 X 10 @ 50%

1 X 10 @ 55%

2 X 10 @ 60%


Rest 4 minutes


1 X 20 at 5 pounds more than last week – if you fail.  You are done.  Don’t try that weight again until next week.  BUT don’t fail?!!  You’re welcome

2) Olympic lifting:


Spend 15 minutes to work to 90% 1rm.

3) Met-con

12 Minute AMRAP

8 Squat Snatch 115/75

10 Cal Row

12 STO 115/75

14 Box jumps

4) Gymnastics

 *super set A & B – 4 sets

A)  :60 GHD Hollow hold. X 4.

B)  :60 back hyper holds (extended) X 4.

Aether Built Oly Cycle

1) Build up muscle Snatch, to power Snatch, to full Snatch. Once muscle Snatch gets heavy move to power and once power gets heavy move to full. Hot a heavy single and them complete 3 dropsets at 80% with a 3 second pause in catch.

2) Back Squat- 6x6@70%.

3) Snatch First Pulls- 4x4@85%1rm.

4) Weighted Back Extensions- 4x4 Heavy As possible.