Wednesday 2/22/17

1) Bench press- 5x5 @75% 1rm. 3-4 minutes between sets.

2) Compete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: 


20 Calorie Row

30 Russian Twists

After Party: 

Barbell Curls- 5x12

Banded overhead triceps ext- 5x12

Aether Built Oly Cycle

1) Build up to a heavy clean + 1 jerk drive + Split jerk- Build up to a heavy complex. Dropsets 90%x2.

2) Back Squat- 1x10@50%, 1x8@60%, 2x6@72%, 2x4@77%, 1x4@80%, 2x6@70%. 3 and 1/2 minutes rest between sets.

3) Clean pulls- 6x2@107-112% 1rm clean. 3 minutes rest between sets.

4) Push Press- Build up to a heavy set of 4. 1@90% and 1@85% for droplets. 

5) GHD Weighted isometric hollow rock- 5x:25 hold. Heavy as possible.