Friday 2-10-17

CrossFit Aether

5 rounds for time of:
Max calorie row in 60 seconds
50-lb. Turkish get-ups

Complete a total of 40 reps (or calories) in each round. For example, if you row 25 calories, complete 15 Turkish get-ups for that round. If you row 30 calories, complete 10 Turkish get-ups for that round.

Mobility- 2 minutes Samson w banded distraction. 

2 minutes Seated Straddle.

2 Minutes Glute stretch off wall. 

4 minutes Banded Shoulder off rack. 

Aether Built Oly Cycle

1) Build Up to a soft max Clean and Jerk.

3x1 dropsets @-15% todays Max. 

2) Jerks Off Blocks- Build Up to a 1 rm Push Jerk From blocks. 

3) Back Squat- 4x3@80%, 2x3@85%, 1x3@80%

4) RDLs- 4x4@78-80% of 1rm front squat. 

5) Ab Wheel- 4x8

6) Banded Twists off Rack- 4x8