Thursday 12/8/16

Active Recovery

Warm up 2 rounds

20 Single Leg Deads Alternating

20 Single Leg Bridges Alternating

20 Ice Skaters

20 Mountain Climbers

Recovery Partner WOD 30 minutes not for time.

1000 m row

100 Double Unders

Single Arm KB Over Head Carry Down and Back( each partner)

Side Shuffle holding Med Ball Down and Back 20/14(each partner)


2 minutes in banded squat

2 minutes in up right split holding rack

2 minutes stretching pecs using rings in snow angel motion.

2 minutes high lizard. 

Aether Built Oly Cycle day 54

1) Thruster- 4x3. Build up to heavy triple.

2) Bench Press- 4x5, 1x4. Hit a heavy quad.

3) Front Squat-6x1. Dont max out unkess it feels really good. Soft max is adequate. We are deloading next week and then going for some big numbers so save it if you are beat.

4) Strict Dumbbell Press- light to moderate weight 4x10. 

5) Hit mobility written for crossfit aether programming.