Wednesday 12/7/16

Crossfit Aether

Week 5 Day 3:

1)   Warm up

2 minute easy bike or row

Then 2 rounds

:30 KBS – light for speed

:30 rest

:30 sprawl jumps

:30 rest

:30 KB thrusters – light for speed

:30 rest


2 min couch stretch

1 min pigeon stretch


*Add any additional warm up that you need for you*


2) Accessory

Not For Time:


A1) 3 X10 (5 each leg) Back rack jumping lunges.  Work on explosiveness and speed. ***add weight from last week***

A2) 3 X12 double KB OH squat.  These will be lighter than you think.  They’re hard.  Work on good form.  ***add weight from last week***

A3) 10 unbroken HEAVY kbs, rest :15, immediately do 15 more UB KBS.  That’s one set.  Do 3 sets.  70/53


3)  Gymnastics/Met-con

F R A N……………ish


4 rounds  of 15




**2 minutes rest between rounds  - work on pacing, try to maintain the same pace  all 4 rounds.

Aether Built Oly Cycle

1) Build up to a 1 rm Clean and Jerk. 3 sec pause in bottom of clean. 3x1 dropsets @-15% max w/no pause.

2) Front Squat- 6x3 at 88% max.

3) Push Press- 4x3. 1x10. Note heaviset 3.

4) Weighted back extensions- 4x6.

5) Ab Wheel- 4x10. Keep back hollow and butt tight.