Tuesday 12/27/16

Crossfit Aether

1)   Strength

a)  Front squats

1x5 @ 65%

1x5 @ 70%

1x5 @ 75%

1x5 @ 80%


b) Double Chest Supported DB row – 4x8 3 sec hold at the top position

Set up bench at an incline (45* ish) – prop flat bench up on box.  Lie in prone position so that your chin is just over the top of the bench. Tuck rib cage down, maintain neutral spine and neck and squeeze glutes.  Initiate row by squeezing shoulder blades – squeeze back and down at the top position for a 3 second count.  Lower the weight controlled.

4 working sets of 10 – build weight if possible.

*Between all 4 sets – perform overhead ONE ARM OH dumbbell - 20 strides


2) Met-Con

18 minutes of work:

*2 minutes on 1 minute rest

10 Back Squats – from the ground 155/105

10 Front Rack Lunges 155/105

20 ft HSW (or accumulate :45 second HS hold – nose to wall

*continue work where you left off.


Aether Built Oly Cycle

1) Build up to a soft 2rm Snatch  +1 OHS. Dropsets are just 4x1 snatch from floor, no complex@-10% todays max.

2)  Build up to a 1 rm Power Clean + Push jerk. Dropsets 6x1@-15% todays max.

3) Back squat- 2x8@70%, 1x6@80%, 2x4@85%. 

4) Clean pulls- 3x2@100%1rm clean and jerk.

5) Single arm overhead carry- 4x50 m each arm. Moderate weight.

6) Strict toes to bar-4x8 4 second tempo down.