Tuesday 12/22/15

1.) Medium Grip Bench Press- 5x5 Moderate to heavy Load. See if you can beat your old 5rm tempo from start of cycle.
2.) Over Head Strict Press- 3x8.

Metabolic Conditioning and Muscular endurance
Buy In: 35 Strict Dips(9 months experience or more)
rest :60 seconds. then complete the following

10-1 Ladder
Power Cleans(155,115)
1-17 Ladder by twos(1-3-5-7-9-11-13-15-17)
Push Ups

Cash Out: 50 Wall Balls(20,14)

*Your pressers are going to be smoked. Stay focused on moving well.

Advanced(9 months exp plus)- Dumbbell tricep extensions- 4x10