Tuesday 12/20/16

Crossfit Aether

1)  Strength

a)  Front squats

1x5 @ 70%

1x5 @ 80%

1x2 @ 85%

1x3 @ 90%

1x1 @ 100%


b) Double (Re-set) Bent-over DB row – Hinge at the hip, maintain that positioning throughout movement (no kip) – Pause at the bottom position or reset on ground.  Purpose behind the pause or reset is to ensure maintaining control through the movement – not allowing momentum to take over…so when you are trying to make sense of this, there is you “why”

4 working sets of 10 – build weight if possible.

**Increase weight from last week

*Between last 3 sets – perform overhead barbell carry between sets – 20 strides


2) Met-Con

For Time

400 m run

50 Barbell OH walking lunges 65/55

200 m run

25 pull ups

200 m run

50 OHS 65/55

400 m run

25 pull ups

5 minutes cooldown on bike, run or row.  SLOW pace. Bring that heart rate back.

Aether Built Oly Cycle

1) Build up to a 1rm snatch without pulling feet from floor. Do not jump. Big hips. Leave feet on floor. Dropsets 4x1@-15%  you can move feet on dropsets.

2) Build up to a soft max of the following: 1 pull +  1 power clean and jerk. 

3) Clean and jerk-  5x1@-15% above max for the day.

4) Back Squat- 6x3@85% tempo 3,1,x,1

5) Dumbbell Push Press- 4x4 heavy as possible with good form.  Controlled decent. Wide and open stance use hips.

Box Jump

5x3 Box Jump high as possible. 


3 min couch stretch

2 minute samson

2 minute pigeon

3x4 tempo sots press 3,1,1,3