Wednesday 11/30/16

Crossfit Aether

1)  Warm up* all warm-ups should be done at about 70%

500M row then,


single arm KB (light) sotts press, 8 each arm

10 burpees

10 double KB (light) Overhead Squat

10 ring rows


Softball in lats - 2 minutes, barbell roll out triceps - 60 seconds each arm . Front rack barbell stretch - 60 seconds

Use Hip circle for front squats warm up sets

*Add any additional warm up that you need for you*


2)  Strength

a)  Front squats

1x8 @ 65%

1x8 @ 70%

1x6 @ 80%

1x6 @ 85%


b)  Bent over barbell row add 5lbs from last week - maintain form - no kipping rows

1X5 @75%

1X5 @ 80%

1X4 @ 85%

1X3 @ 90%

1X2 @95%

 *Between last 2 sets - perform heavy farmers carry between sets - 200 m

4) Met-Con

AMRAP 18 min


8 Burpee boxovers

8 Pullups

8 GHD situps

5-10 minutes cooldown on bike, run or row.  SLOW pace. Bring that heart rate back down.

5) Mobility

5 min rolling quads

Deep lunge stretching:  1min hold Normal lunge each leg, then front knee pushed out with elbow: 1min with torso facing forward, 1min torso facing right, 1min torso facing left

Lax ball rolling upper back/shoulders

Roll out lats

Banded shoulder stretching

Aether Built Oly Cycle Day 48

1) Build up to a SOFT power snatch max for the day. Dropsets 4x1@-15%.

2) Behind the neck snatch grip strict press-4x4. Heavy but controlled.

3) Front Squat- 3x10. note heaviest 10.

4)  Snatch high pulls from mid thigh-  4x6. woek on continuous movement, ticking and tocking as you load and pull for 4 unbroken reps.