Tuesday 11/29/16

Crossfit Aether


10 each arm light single arm KB snatch (these come from the hip, not the ground)

10 single leg deadlifts each leg

10 goblet squats

10 KBS

2 min couch stretch

1 min pigeon stretch

*Add any additional warm up that you need for you*


2) Accessory

Not For Time:


A1) 4 X 10 (5 each leg) Back rack jumping lunges.  Work on explosiveness and speed.

A2) 4 X 12 double KB OH squat.  These will be lighter than you think.  They're hard.  Work on good form.

3) Gymnastics/Met-con


2 rope climb

10 double KB thruster 53/35#

20 Walking lunges- no weight(total strides)

30 Single arm KB power snatch 53/35(alternating - 15 each side)

40 abmat situps


4) Mobility

Stretch lats

1Min couch stretch each leg X2

2Min wall straddle stretch

Aether Built Oly cycle. 

1) Build up to a one-rep Max clean and jerk. Dropsets 5x1@-15% todays max.

2) Push Jerk off blocks- 6x3. no misses. track heaviest 3. 

3) Back Squat- 5x2. Build up to a heavy double and dropset if needed.  tempo @4,0,x,0.

4) Clean Pulls- 4x2@110% todays max.

5) ghd back extension-4x7

    Russian Twist-4x20