Monday 11/20/16

Crossfit Aether

Warm up

3 rounds

200 m run

10 back squats

10 good mornings

10 strict press

Then: Lateral walks, single leg brindge, bird dogs, firehydrant. 1 min pigeon. 1 min banded extension.

2) Back squat- 1x8@65%, 1x8@70%, 1x6@80%, 1x6@85%. 

3) Strict Press- 1x5, 4x4. Note heaviest 4. 

Aether Built Oly Cycle Day 41

1) Build up to a 1 rm snatch with a 3 second pause in catch.

2) Hang snatch from mid thigh. Build up to a max and then hit about 4 or 5 singles.

3) Front Squat- 6x2 Heavy as possible. 

4) Clean Pulls- 4x3@90% 1rm clean.

5)  Back Extensions- 4x6 with a 10 second hold on last rep.

6) Dumbbell Lateral Raises- 4x10