Thursday 11/19/15

1.) Power Clean with 2 second pause at knee- 1x2@70%, 1x2@75%, 2x2@80%.
*Stay lighter if you have been struggling progressing on back squat.

2.) Back Squat- 6x3 tempo@3,1,x,1. Build up to a heavy 3, only beat your last week by 5.

Metabolic Conditioning and Volume
5 Rounds
3 Squat Cleans Rx +(155,105) Rx(135,95) Scaled(95,65)
7 Strict Hand Stand Push Ups
11 Full Kettle Bell Swings(70,55)
:30 Rest in between rounds.

Mobility: Under Arrest and other Internal rotation stretches off rack. Spend 2-3 Minutes each arm.
Stretch ankles using kettle bell spending 2-3 minutes each ankle.