Thursday 10/6/16

CrossFit Aether

1) Rest Day and Active Recovery.

800 m run(pace just under mile pace.)

Rest 3 minutes

800 m run( just over mile pace)

Rest 3 minutes

800 m run(just under mile pace)

Rest 3 minutes

2) EMOTM 12

15 Thrusters w bar

15 Power Snatches w bar

10 Burpees

20 Ab Mat Sit Ups


Spend three minutes with back on wall and plates on knees in butterfly stretch. Light and easy. 

Spend 2 minutes in high lizard each leg

Spend 2 minutes in externak rotation stretch with pvc pipe. 

Aether Builty Oly Cycle Day 9

1)  Build up to a soft max of the following complex. 1 hang clean + 2 Full Clean + 1 power Jerk.

2) Front Squat- 5@75%, 4@80%, 3x3@85%+. Note heaviest 3 rep.

3) Box jump- 6x2. Dont be silly just jump high as possible without falling.

4) Glute Ham Raise with 36 inch box in front of ghd. Use for slight push off. Knees on pad. 4x6.

5) Dumbbell Tricep Ext-4x10 Moderate weight. No failure.