Friday 10/28/16

CrossFit Aether

Warm Up Wod

3 Rounds

10 Wall Squats

:30 Plank work on belly in, butt tight

15 Single Leg Deadlifts

10 Plate Over Head Lunges(total 5 each)

1) Back Squat- 4x6. Note Heaviest 6. Sets count above 82%. Use dropsets after todays max if needed i.e If hit 6rm on 4th set.

If you have time stretch out. 

Aether Built Oly Cycle Day 25

1) Build Up to a 1 rm clean and jerk with a 2 second pause just above the knee. Focus on maintaining position and not just moving weight. If you struggle jumping forward you now get to refocus on where you are jumping, shrugging and pulling. 

2) Clean and jerk w/ no pause- 4x1 dropsets at 80% todays max. 

3) Front Squat- 6x2. Try and peak on 4th set and next two sets will be slightly lower weights. Dont let your last 2 sets be slow. 

4) Banded Twists off Rack- 4x12 ea side :60 rest.

5) Ab Straps leg lifts- 4x12 :60 rest