Wednesday 10/19/16

Crossfit Aether

1) Back Squat-6x3. Sets count above 80%. Hit a big 3. Difficult but maintain form.

2) 10 rounds for time of:
95-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls, 7 reps
95-lb. front squats, 7 reps

95-lb. push jerks, 7 reps

3) Stretch:

2 minute high lizard each side. 

2 minutes in frog. 


Aether Built Oly Cycle Day 18. 

1) Build up to a max for the day of

1 hang snatch. No lower than mid thigh. 

After finding max proceed to hit 1 full snatch from the floor + 1 Over Head Squat. Buikd up to a soft max. 

2)  Build up to a 15 rep at 65% intensity. 

Perform a true 20 rep max back squat.

3)  Heavy Single arm bent over rows(kb or db)- 4x8

4) Dumbbell Curls- 3x10