Tuesday 10/18/16

Crossfit Aether

 1) Build up to a heavy Hang Clean + Full Clean + Jerk- 6x1. Build up to a max for the day.

2.) Straight leg deads- 4x3. Note heaviest 3 rep.

3.) Groundhogs day

20- 1 Ladder  

-Double Unders(does not have to be consecutive. 

- in between each round perform 3 dumbbell thrusters 45,25

Aether Built Cycle Day 17

1) Build up to a 2rm Clean +2 Jerk from Blocks just below knee.

2) Front Squat- 6x2, 1x10. Note Heaviest 2 rep. 10 rep should be fairly easy. All reps smooth. If your knees hurt drop weights by 15%.

3) Good Morning to Push Press- 5x5 Moderate load. Reps Fluid and smooth.

4) Bar Dips- 8-6-6-8-10. Same as above. Smooth reps, good range of motion.

5) Box Jumps- 5x1. High. Dont die.