Wednesday 10/13/16


CrossFit Aether

1) Shoulder Press- 5x3.

2) 21-15-9

Sumo Dead Hi Pull

Ring Dips

Box Jumps

3) Banded Tricep Pressdowns- 4x10

Aether Built Oly Cycle 


1) Build up to a 2rm snatch from blocks just below knee. 3x2 dropsets at 75%.


2) Snatch Pulls- 6x2 @110% of todays Max.


3) Over Head Squat With 5 sec Pause in bottom and no stand up- 6x1@80% todays max.


4) Bent Over Barbell Row- 5x6. Moderate load, full range of motion.

5) Strict High Pulls-  3x8