Tuesday 10/11/16


CrossFit Aether

1) Build up to a soft max of a 2 Pull+ 1 Power Clean.

2) Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 double-unders
75-lb. power snatches, 15 reps

Rest 5 Minutes

2) 4xME Pull Ups. If you cant do more than 10 unassisted grab some bands.

Aether Built Oly Cycle

1) Build Up to a soft max of a 3 high pull from hip into a full snatch. Watch Video 

2) Build Up to a 3rm Power.

3) 4x6 Push Press. No Grinders.

4) Super Set

Ghd Sit Ups- 4x10. Weight if Needed.

Back Extensions- 4x10. Weight if needed.