Monday 1/9/17

Crossfit Aether


1)  Strength

2X3 Hang clean from the power position

2X3 Mid hang clean

2X3 Full Cleans

5 Min to work to a heavy 3 position clean.





Cleans @ 135/95

Ring dips

Rest 2 minutes then:

5 rounds:

7rx/10rx+ thrusters 95/65#

7rx/10rx+ ring pushups

5 minute cool down

Aether Built Oly Cycle

1) Build up to a Power Snatch max for the day. Lead into 1rm full snatch. Dropsets 3x1@-15%.(full snatch).

2) Build up to a smooth power clean + jerk max for the day. Dropsets 3x1@-10%.

3) Back Squat + seated box jump- 3@85%, 2@90%+. After back squat jump from seated position using bench, onto a box of decent difficulty.

4) Clean Pulls- 4x2@110% of number 2 max for the day.

5) Weighted Hip Extenesion- 4x6. Heavy but controlled.