Thursday 1/5/16

Partner Wod

6000 m row broken into 250 meter increments. 


Couch Stretch: 2:00 ea

Splits L/R: 2:00 ea

Seated Straddle: 2:00

Lunge instep with ankle rolled: 2:00 ea

1 round

50 Marching Bridges

15 Air Squats

15 Straight leg deads

These should be light and have some movement to them. Be active in your stretch. 

Aether Barbell

Warm up with muscle snatches. 

1) Build up to a soft max power snatch+snatch balance.

2)  Build up to a soft max power clean + jerk

3) Hip Extensions on GHD-5x5 weighted. Drop weight on last rep and hold for 5 seconds. 

4) Iso pull ups- Do a pull up and hold at top for 10 seconds. Thats one rep. 5x1