Wednesday 1/4/17

Crossfit Aether

1)  Strength/Accessory

Not For Time:

A1) 4x10 tempo pistols 43X2 (alternate for 10 each leg)

A2) 4x10 Drop snatch – snatch grip, feet start in pulling position, 100% drive down (no dip or drive), feet end in squatting position: use a lighter load, focus on SPEED under the bar and locking your shoulders out quickly.

**Complete B after finishing last set of above couplet

B) 1 set of 100 No weight walking lunges


2)  Gymnastics/Met-con

2 rope climbs



Double unders

Ab mat sit ups

***7 minute time cap

2minute rest

2 rope climbs

10-1 / 1-10 ladder


Box jump

(10 T2B 1 Box jump, 9 T2B 2 Box jump, 8 T2B 3 Box jump…..)

***7 minute time cap

• You have 7 minutes to complete each section, 2 minute rest between sections – rope climbs are included in that time cap.  This is not an AMRAP it is a time cap. Score both sections independently.

3) 5 minute cool down


Aether Barbell

1) Build up to a 1rm Full Snatch w pause at knee. Make sure you actually pause. Doesnt have to be long, just pause.  Dropsets 3x1 @-10%-15%.

2) Build up to a 1 rm cluster (clean into a thruster). Dropsets 3x2@-25% of this max.

3) Weighted lunges- 4x14 total steps. Moderate to heavy.

4) Barbell Bridge- 4x6. Heavyish.