Crossfit Aether

1)  Strength

Take 10 minutes to work to a heavy Power snatch (super soft max - no misses)

Rest 2 minutes

Then - 1 min max reps snatch (full or power) **2 minute rest between percentages**

 (the below percentages are based on 1 rm squat snatch)




Rest 3 minutes

2) Met-Con

For time:

4 rope climbs

10 Dead lifts 185/135

3 rope climbs


2 rope climbs

6 Power cleans 185/135

1 rope climb

3 Clean and jerks 185/135

 *18 minute time cap*

5 minutes cool down on bike, run or row.  SLOW pace. Bring that heart rate back down.

Aether Barbell

1) Build up to a soft max snatch. Second miss you are out. If you went over your opener the do 3 dropsets at -15%. If you hit your opener or less before missing. 4 dropsets at -10%.

2) Clean and Jerk- Same format as above.

3) Drop snatch- 5x1 w/ 3 sec pause in bottom. Focus on sharp lockout and feet.

4) Jerks off blocks- 4x1 @90+% of your 1rm jerk. Sharp hips, big splits and punch through the bar ELBOWS locked.

5) Build up to a heavy single front squat. No grinders.